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Image by caribb Scary thought but it seems my youth has come to an end this afternoon. I went for a walk for an hour and came back to find Farah Fawcett dead and Michael Jackson hospitalized from cardiac arrest. Two of the biggest pop icons ever at or nearing their death. In a weird cyber irony Twitter (BNO News & TMZ) are reporting him dead (5:42 pm)... CNN now old school news still has him only hospitalized but in bad shape. I hope CNN is right.. Hang in there Michael. Rest in Peace Farah, at least you are free from your ailing body and in a better place. We all loved you. ..Latest reports from more traditional sources say Jackson is in a coma. Not good news but better. ...6:31: CNN just reported Michael Jackson dies.. so sorry to hear this :-( It took TV 45 minutes to confirm and break the story.. seems Twitter really is more instant when the news is reported correctly. Still that's irrelevant, it's a sad day. In some ways the music has died today.

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