Celebrity Solstice. Library. Books.

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Celebrity Solstice. Library. Books.

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Celebrity Solstice. Library. Books. celebrity
Image by Tom Mascardo 1 The library. The oil on canvas is by Cornelius Volker - 1965, Germany. Celebrity Solstice is the first of five in the Solstice Class of vessels deployed by Celebrity Cruises on behalf of Royal Caribbean International. Other vessels in the Solstice class include the Celebrity Equinox and the Celebrity Eclipse.

Macworld Expo Celebrity Checklist celebrity
Image by insidetwit The MacWorld Expo Celebrity Checklist, by the Joy of Tech. See Leo Laporte, Andy Ihnatkco, Merlin Mann, Amber MacArthur, Kevin Rose and more.

Celebrity Solstice celebrity
Image by artnbarb Scenes from inside the Celebrity Solstice